Our Story



Our retail division ensures that Muffets & Tuffets’ goodies are easily accessible to everyone. From different kinds of breads to cookies to muffins, we distribute a variety of wholesome treats to many leading retailers. In this B2B model, we take immense pride in having tied up with over thirty renowned retailers in less than a year.
Having branched out from our parent company-Shanti Food Processing, we have always used only the finest materials to bake our goodies. Using the expertise of German technology, our imported machines have the capacity to generate hearty products in large quantities.


 Our Products

Our range of goodies under retail supply varies from business to business. We master the art of baking while catering to your every sweet craving whether it is breads, cookies, croissants, buns, cakes, chocolates, muffins and

Our Team


Our squads of bakers are the most passionate people you will ever come across. They add the secret ingredient of love with every cookie they bake, every cake they frost and every bread they slice. With an imminent team consisting of over a dozen chefs and bakers, they put in their heart and soul while creating edible pieces of heaven. Not to mention the fact that they are guided by a renowned baker who spent over a decade dedicated to satisfying every sweet tooth’s craving, in the US. We are always happy to put a smile on your face with our goodies.


Our Products Are Available At

We have tied up with various popular retailers who help us serve you with the finest baked goodies available. They are the cream to our cake, and play a huge role in satisfying your every sweet craving.