Most Expensive Wedding Cakes

Wedding ceremonies are no joke to celebrities around the world and they take it very seriously. There is no lack of extravagance when it comes to this. From designer wedding gowns to ornate flower arrangements, the weddings of the wealthy are filled with extreme spending. Held at the most exotic locations in the world and the finest food served by acclaimed chefs, these lavish expenses come with a price tag – and a large one on that.

For some celebrities, the wedding cake has to shine just as brightly as the bride’s ring, as it is more than just a sweet treat. It has to compliment the entire color scheme and theme of the reception AND look beautiful, elegant and unique. Some couples choose a cake that is over ten feet tall, some adorn their wedding cake with thousands of flowers, some choose bright colors, and some choose to add dazzling diamonds to their confectionery masterpieces. And, with every decoration and glittering piece of jewellery added, the price goes up.

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Sweet Competition on TV

For all the cake-lovers out there, especially those who can’t bake to save their lives, what better entertainment than watch people bake sinfully beautiful confectionary on TV! Here’s our list of the greatest reality shows which will make you want to glutton all the cake in the world.

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